City Business License

City Business License Registration a.k.a. City Tax


Most of this information applies to businesses located within the city of Los Angeles. Check license requirements for the cities in which you do business and for the city your office (or your home) is located in. For Los Angeles, if you are SELF-EMPLOYED, EVEN IF YOU REPORT NO GROSS INCOME you must have a business license. Anyone who receives any money for rent - whether for office space, building, equipment, kit rental, etc, check if you need one.

IF YOU STARTED A NEW BUSINESS this year, you should have obtained your Business Tax Registration already. If you moved your business to a new address you must notify the city by submitting a Taxpayer Information Update Form (if your business is in Los Angeles, the form is found here: finance.lacity.org/forms-list). Be sure to save a copy of all correspondence and forms and email a copy to us.

Failure to file application or renewal before the deadline will result in aggressive (and annoying!) collection efforts with penalty and interest (and expense for us to fix it for you!)


Los AngelesFebruary 28th
Beverly HillsFebruary 28th
Culver CityFebruary 28th
West HollywoodMay 1st
PasadenaMay 31st
Santa MonicaAugust 1st

Check with your city if not listed above.


Renew or apply on your own.


We can handle this for you if you give us written permission.
Please contact us with your questions.
Write CITY TAX and your BUSINESS NAME in the email subject line. Include your:

  • Name
  • Address your license is tied to, and current address, if different
  • Business License Account Number

For information about Los Angeles business licenses visit: http://finance.lacity.org