Business Checklist

Corporate Matters

  • Sec'y State Statement of Officers
  • Corporate Sub S election/revocation
  • Minimum corporate tax payment review

Receiving & Reporting Cash Receipts

  • Receive monies from Agents/Managers
  • Prepare and make bank deposits
  • Prepare and issue invoices

Payroll Service & Filings

  • Calculate salary amounts
  • Prepare salary checks
  • Prepare quarterly returns
  • Prepare annual returns

Processing and Reporting Disbursements

  • Record all bank account disbursements
  • Record cash expenditures/reimbursements
  • Review bills
  • Prepare checks
  • Prepare 1099 Forms

Credit Card Administration

  • Record credit card activity
  • Reconcile credit card account

Bank Account Administration

  • Reconcile Bank Account
  • Prepare adjusting entries

Cash Management

  • Transfer excess funds to interest accounts

Business Tax Compliance

  • Prepare Federal/State Income Tax Returns
  • Prepare Sales Tax Returns
  • Prepare City Business Tax Returns
  • Prepare County Property Tax Returns

Insurance Matters

  • Prepare insurance premium payments
  • Correspond with insurance carriers

Tax Planning

  • Quarterly planning meetings


  • Financial Statements
  • Check and Deposit Registers
  • Bank Reconciliation Report

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement plan returns
  • Calculate retirement plan contributions


  • Planning for Asset Purchases
  • Book entries for depreciation
  • Book entries for amortization