Charitable Giving

Make Your Charitable Donation Tax Deductible

Ensure your in-kind donation** is tax deductible by following a few simple steps

  • Take a picture of all the items given away, spread them all on the floor before you put them in the bag.
  • Take a picture of all the bags and boxes you are donating
  • Make a detailed list : example. 4-blouses, 3-pants, television, toaster oven, small table. with the donated value per the downloadable Donated Item Value Guide
  • Get a receipt with a date, your name, and what donated on it.
  • Ask the receiver to sign your list.

Donated Item Value Guides

For cash donations: Be sure that your contribution is mailed in time to be cashed before the year end.

For contributions made online please save the confirming email and keep it with your tax documents. You may forward a copy to us.

Auction Purchases from Non-profit
The deduction is the net amount of
[What you paid less the FMV item(s) received]

Meal tickets for a Fundraising event
[What you paid less the FMV of the meal(s) received]

Purchases at a thrift store are not tax deductible

IRS link for more information: www.irs.gov/publications/p561/ar02.html#d0e545

** goods donated to: library, Schools, Out of the closet, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Nation Council of Jewish Women, American Cancer, Cars for Causes