Billing & Fees

We have flat fees for filing payroll returns, 1099s and city taxes; varying rates, depending on complexity for personal and business tax returns; and hourly rates for bookkeeping and other work. Your bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation costs will be as unique as you are since no two of you have the same amount of accounting, bookkeeping, paperwork, notices, questions, business issues or family issues.

Tax Returns

  • Each return is individually priced based on complexity.
  • When materials are not organized, compiled, and totaled, there will be an added bookkeeping fee. We encourage you to keep up with your record-keeping on a regular basis to avoid last minute searches and late penalties.

QuickBooks Support, Data Entry and Management

  • Billed hourly.
  • You will receive a monthly invoice for work billed hourly at the rate of the staff doing the work.

City Business License & Tax filings

  • Flat fee for returns when total gross income is known.
  • Billed hourly for gross income bookkeeping, city audit representation, and city notice responses.

Payroll Tax Returns, Quarterly, Annual, and W-2's

  • Payroll Returns: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarter
    • Flat fee for payroll returns with no wages paid in the quarter.
    • Flat fee for payroll returns with wages paid.
  • Payroll Returns: 4th Quarter and Annual
    • Flat fee for payroll returns with no wages paid for the year.
    • Flat fee for payroll returns with wages paid and W-2's.
  • Quarterly payroll tax return forms must be filed each quarter, whether or not you paid wages. 4th Quarter returns includes analysis of tax situation, retirement, corporate profit, health insurance.

1099 Forms

  • Flat fee for the first form and fees for each additional form, when recipient information is provided.
  • This includes preparation of the forms, mailing them to the recipients and filing with the government.
  • Billed hourly for 1099 bookkeeping and recipient information gathering.

General questions, tax planning, and correspondence

  • Billed hourly.
  • We encourage you to call when in doubt. Our common goal is to be pre-emptive; tax planning not tax panic.


  • We send out invoices monthly for bookkeeping and accounting services. Payroll returns are invoiced on a quarterly basis. Tax returns are invoiced separately. All accounts are due and payable when received.